Strategic Priorities

The Global Healthcare Travel Council sets its priorities after discussion between the Country Councils and its professional staff, with a view to identifying those issues which most impede the operation or development of the industry.

Currently, these issues can be divided into three:

  1. Freedom to Healthcare Travel issues which affect the rights and abilities of ordinary patients to travel, domestically or internationally – and whether for a surgical operations or for extensive treatment purposes;
  2. Policies for Growth – when governments or authorities act against – or fail to act in favour of companies or organizations in the private sector, whose business is the creation of wealth and jobs through the operation or development of Healthcare Travel;
  3. Healthcare for Tomorrow – known already as the name of the GHTC’s long-standing awards scheme, that promotes and rewards the development of sustainable healthcare travel – Healthcare for Tomorrow is how we summarize our concerns for the future of the Healthcare Travel industry , and how we act to ensure our children, and our childrens’ children have the ability to have their lives enriched by the ability to travel and understand the world of healthcare .

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