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UK: New global health plan includes medical travel

UK: New global health plan includes medical travel

Individual health plans that include a health optimisation service and an insurance programme that means patients can be jetted to the best clinic in the world for their specific condition if necessary, has been launched in the UK after being first offered in the USA.
One Hundred Years has been set up by a group of US healthcare veterans who wanted to call on the best doctors in the UK to form part of a global network that promises to members consultation, health planning and treatment from the best doctors anywhere in the world. Everything about a member's health is managed by One Hundred Years, so customers are not liaising with their GP one minute and an insurer the next.One Hundred Years provides global, best-in-class private health management services. The service identifies individual client health and lifestyle goals and delivers those outcomes via personalised health programmes managed by private health advisors, doctors and scientists.The idea is to build individual health programmes that are personalised, proactive, and built around medical centres of excellence. This is not cheap.The company’s health management services can be fully integrated with health insurance to provide global cover to each individual client.Virgil Bretz of One Hundred Years explains,” Our health management model is analogous to the best examples in wealth management. Wealth managers have long understood that no two clients are alike.  Our clients greatly value health.  Personalised, strategic, and coordinated expert advice is as important in planning a long life of great health as it is a portfolio of wealth.”Costs are dependent on clients’ life circumstances and the depth of service they opt for. These range from Health Service 001 – providing health advisory and optimisation – to Health Plan 001, which includes full health insurance.Clients are able to access their private health advisory team in person, by direct phone, online and via a dedicated smartphone app. Global medical records can be curated. All personal medical data is maintained in a fully secured environment.Budget annual memberships are £5,000 but the top tier service, including global 24/7 access, can cost up to £100,000.One Hundred years also operates in the US, but is a Dutch company based in Amsterdam. It is available to individuals and to companies wanting to cover several top executives.Highly personal healthcare advice, navigation and management are at the cornerstone of the private health management services.  It offers optimized health and fitness; best in class medical expertise and outcomes; VIP treatment and total convenience; appointment scheduling, second opinions, physician communication, coordination of care and all interactions surrounding the payment of provider and hospital bills.The health advisory team will arrange priority access to top doctors and hospitals worldwide; coordinate travel, overseas logistics, and emergency situation management when needed.It guarantees that if a customer suffers a health problem anywhere in the world it will get them to a top doctor within hours. And if there is nobody immediately available because they are in a particularly remote spot, it will fly them to a country where they can gain expert attention.  

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